Featured Clinical Study

Featured Clinical Study

Comparing flowable hemostats in spine surgery

Needle-free Simplicity

Needle-free Simplicity

Everything you expect from FLOSEAL - except the needle

Ordering Information


Device Order # Description
FLOSEAL [Hemostatic Matrix], 5 mL (with needle-free adapter) 1503353 6 pack
FLOSEAL [Hemostatic Matrix], 10 mL (with needle-free adapter) 1503354 6 pack
Malleable and Trimmable
Applicator Tip
1502186 Length: 14 cm
6 pack (each)
Endoscopic Applicator Tip* 0600125 Length: 41 cm
Diameter: 5 mm
6 pack (each)
Malleable Tip Endoscopic Applicator 0600127 Length: 410 mm, 64 mm malleable tip
6 pack (each)

*The new 41-cm applicator replaces the current 35-cm disposable applicator tip. This applicator may not be available yet in all geographies, please check with your Baxter representative for availability in your country.

The endoscopic applicator is manufactured by Micromedics Inc., and distributed by Baxter International Inc.

Micromedics, Inc.
1270 Eagan Industrial Road
St. Paul, MN 55121-1385

EU representative:
Schiffgraben 41
D-30175 Hannover, Germany

Baxter Healthcare S.A.
CH-8010 Zuerich


For addtional customer service inquiries, visit Baxter in your country.