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Mechanism of Action
See how FLOSEAL works to stop bleeding fast

Featured Clinical Study

Featured Clinical Study

Comparing flowable hemostats in spine surgery

Needle-free Simplicity

Needle-free Simplicity

Everything you expect from FLOSEAL - except the needle

Needle-free Simplicity in Preparation

5 mL Reconstitution

10 mL Reconstitution

The FLOSEAL Hemostatic Matrix Kit with needle-free adapter delivers everything you expect from FLOSEAL - except a needle:

FLOSEAL reconstitution
Fewer preparation steps allow faster preparation time1

FLOSEAL reconstitution
Full reconstitution inside the sterile field1

Floseal 41cm Applicator
Malleable tip now included in the packaging in addition to the two standard application tips1

According to European Directive 2010/32/EU healthcare organisations are to adopt safety measures that protect healthcare workers from injuries caused by medical sharps (including needle-sticks).2

Please see FLOSEAL Hemostatic Matrix Instructions for Use for complete review of proper application technique.

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View Quick Reference Guide for Preparation (5mL) »

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