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See how FLOSEAL works to stop bleeding fast.

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See how FLOSEAL works to stops bleeding fast.

FLOSEAL preparation is now safer and more convenient.

Clinical Information

Floseal Clinical Evidence

Learn more about FLOSEAL, from clinical results to hemostatic success.

The Science Behind FLOSEAL Hemostatic Matrix

Only FLOSEAL provides a proprietary combination of two independent hemostatic agents1,2

  • The gelatin granules swell to produce a tamponade effect3
  • High concentrations of human thrombin convert fibrinogen into fibrin monomers, accelerating clot formation3

Percent Stopped Bleeding (First Lesion)

Adapted from Oz 2003.

FLOSEAL Patented Granules


Mechanically Stable Clot3


Unique patented gelatin granules and human thrombin form a mechanically stable clot throughout the lesion area that is bioresorbed in a normal wound healing time of 6 to 8 weeks.3

Selected Important Risk Information for FLOSEAL

Do not inject or compress FLOSEAL into blood vessels, or allow to enter blood vessels.

The safety and effectiveness for use in neurosurgical and urological procedures has not been established through randomized clinical studies.

Do not apply FLOSEAL in the absence of active blood flow.

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