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See how FLOSEAL works to stop bleeding fast.

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See how FLOSEAL works to stops bleeding fast.

FLOSEAL preparation is now safer and more convenient.

Clinical Information

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Learn more about FLOSEAL, from clinical results to hemostatic success.

Application Overview

1. Apply

Identify the source of bleeding at the tissue surface. This is the target site for FLOSEAL Hemostatic Matrix application. Apply FLOSEAL directly and quickly to the source of bleeding. Do not inject FLOSEAL into blood vessels. Not intended for prophylactic use.

2. Approximate

Immediately and gently approximate FLOSEAL to the bleeding surface with a moistened gauze sponge for approximately 2 minutes.

3. Always Irrigate Excess

If bleeding has ceased, excess FLOSEAL Hemostatic Matrix should always be removed by gentle irrigation.

4. Leave in Situ

Do not disrupt the clot by physical manipulation. FLOSEAL incorporated in the hemostatic clot should be left in situ.


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Selected Important Risk Information for FLOSEAL

Do not inject FLOSEAL Matrix into blood vessels.

Do not apply FLOSEAL in the absence of active blood flow.

Always remove excess product not incorporated into the clot.

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